My Singing Monsters: Dawn Of Fire

Jan 19, 2016


If you haven’t heard of My Singing Monsters, please do yourself a favor and crawl out from that miserable ol’ rock you’ve been hiding out under for the past few years, pick up an iPhone, and download it, because it’s great!

Then, go back into the App Store, and download the sequel My Singing Monsters: Dawn Of Fire because it’s absolutely amazing!

You can build your very own world of addictively charming little singing monsters.

“Experience catchy tunes, gorgeous graphics and intuitive gameplay in this exciting prequel to the hit mobile sensation My Singing Monsters.”

Brought to you by Big Blue Bubble (site built by FutureFuture), this game rules.

And when you’ve finally temporarily satiated that inner monster breeder so hidden in all of us, check out the Commercial Spot for My Singing Monsters: Dawn Of Fire, produced in full by who else but FutureFuture.

Some info:

The ad was played in front of every single movie released between November 20th – December 24th – hitting major releases including Hunger Games, Spectre, and Star Wars.

It also generated 25+ million impressions across North America (Canada + US) – Running an estimated 352,000 times across US alone (NY, CA, IL, OR, MA).

Check it out here.