Jul 3, 2015


Chips? Yes, chips.

What? Why Chips? Why would a publication dedicated to that new new – the freshest of culture – post about chips? Are they just soooo fresh that when they come out of the bag, it’s as if they’ve just popped out of the oven, still too hot to touch that they leave you salivating in eager anticipation?

Maybe. But that’s not the point. These chips are… different. They’re unlike anything else you’ve decided to chow down recently, or most likely, ever.

These are CHIRPS Chips, engineered by a crew of rad Harvard grads, bent bound and determined to challenge our broken food system. And it is broken, people. The girls at Six Foods, the company behind CHIRPS, see an unsustainable, bound-to-fail means of nourishing ourselves with the current agriculture system.

CHIRPS Chip Bags by Six Foods

They’re doing something different to break this trend, introducing mundane North American palettes to a source of protein their not quite so used to… CRICKETS. Yes. Really. C-R-I-C-K-E-T-S.

No, they don’t taste gross, and no they don’t contain visible pieces of the insect. In fact they taste quite amazing, and the crickets, ground into flour, are not visible at all. We were pleasantly surprised when we first tasted the chips, and haven’t had anything but positive comments to deliver when asked about them.

Yes, it’s tough to get over in your head. But why not try? Better for you and better for the environment.

There are a ton of benefits to using insects for protein. For instance, to produce one pound of crickets, it takes one gallon of water as compared to 2000 for beef. TWO THOUSAND. Heck, you even get a healthy amount of protein (6g) snacking on these babies (no, they’re not baby crickets, don’t worry)!

Check out CHIRPS here, and grab yourself a bag…or 6. We won’t tell.